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About Us

Founded in 1982 by Paul and Doug Kemp, and Ron Pittman, Industrial Coil, Inc. is a family-owned-and-operated electric motor coil wholesaler. We strive every day to make quality products and fulfill our customer's orders as quickly as possible. With our Hot Shot service, we provide you with a quote within 15 to 30 minutes, allowing you to make you final decision.

Our location in in the center of the country gives us an advantage with product shipping time. Three of our suppliers are located within five miles of our operation, and we are less than five miles from the airport. This allows for one-day shipping for the majority of our orders.

We strictly manufacture electric motors, generators, DC fields, armatures, and rotor coils. Our highly qualified technicians use the latest equipment and techniques to fabricate our products.

We stand behind our products which is why we offer a one-year guarantee for all of our products. Only the best materials go into our products and we can fit them to any of your specifications.

We want to be your coil shop. Count on us to be there and help in any way that we can. We don't run from problems, we solve them. Learn more about our company with this quick video.

Contact us with any questions regarding the products sold at our business